Advocacy Group

The Member Advocacy Group was formed in 2013 as a way for Clearwater-Polk to better reach its membership, help members understand the coop business and understand what the membership wants and expects from the coop.

Comprised of volunteer representatives from each district, the group meets quarterly in the Clearwater-Polk board room.  Each meeting, selected topics are discussed and presented to the group, who then are able to relay that information to other members.  The group is also kept up to date on all current legislative action that could affect the cooperative.

If you have any interest in becoming involved in the Advocacy Group, please contact Tara Webb in the Member Services Department.

2023 Advocacy Group Members

From top Left to Right: Gordon Engebretson/District 1, James Kumpula/District 2, Betty Surdez/District 3, Brad Borene/District 1, Gerald Katzenmeyer/District 3

Bottom Left to Right: Ron Sovick/District 2, James Sundquist/District 1, Lynn Riggs/District 3, Sue Ekre/District 2