The generator program consists of a special electric rate of $.079 (Rate 1C) or $.064 (Rate 3C) per kwh for those members who have purchased  a generator through an electrical contracting that's large enough so CPE can shed the member's entire load during peak times. This helps your cooperative to keep stable and reasonable electric rates. 

For more information about this program, contact Matt in the Member Services Department. He can assist with the sizing of a generator to best fit your needs. You may email Matt at or contact him directly at (218)-694-8204.

For information regarding the billing with this program, please contact Tara in the Member Services Department. You may email her at or call her directly at (218)-694-8205

Reasons you'll benefit by participating in this program

  1. You are SAVING money by getting a lower rate on your electric bill
  2. You are providing yourself a backup power supply during outages
  3. Your new generator will operate automatically when the power goes out
  4. You are supporting your Cooperative by shedding load during peak times

Additional charges will apply to billing for generator accounts on this program that do not shed load as required.  

Contact Member Services for these details..