Transfer or Reconnect of a Service

If you're buying a home or renting a place, you will need the Electric bill transferred into your name. Contact our office so we can provide you with a membership packet. A membership form is required for the service change. You can download and print the form from the link below, or it can be mailed or picked up at the office.

Fillable Membership Form

For questions or additional information, contact us at or call 1-800-694-3833 or (218)-694-6241 for Teresa

New Service Request

Whether you're planning on building a home, cabin or shop, it's essential to coordinate your new project and electrical needs with Clearwater-Polk Electric. We can help  determine the best electrical installation options available to you.

Please contact Tara in Member Services at (218) 694-8205 or Todd, Operations Manager at (218)- 694-8203