The Budget Payment Plan is offered as another option in paying your electric bill. This program was implemented to make paying your electric bill easier and avoid the high winter months getting you behind! It does not reflect your actual bill. What this means is you will be able to avoid paying those high winter electric bills by paying an amount that is calculated by averaging of 12 months’ worth of electric usage each month. This is a continuous calculation, so there is the possibility that you will see your budget amount due each month fluctuate an estimated $15-$30.

In order to qualify for budget pay, your electric account needs to be in good standing with a zero balance and have at least 12 months of prior history in order to effectively calculate the monthly budget amount.

*The Budget Pay Amount is calculated by the office. Please contact Clearwater-Polk Electric to receive your Budget Pay Amount. Only after calling the office, you may complete and submitt the Budget Pay form or complete the form in person. 

Once you sign up for the Budget Pay Plan you must make the monthly payment amount in order to stay in the plan. Delinquent budget bill accounts maybe subject to disconnect and removal of the budget pay plan. If an account is removed from budget, it will go back to the regular method of being billed.

Fill-able Budget Pay Form